West Seattle Helpline and the West Seattle Food Bank have great news!

For many years the West Seattle Food Bank (WSFB) and the West Seattle Helpline (WSH) have been strong partners, supporting each other in a variety of ways to provide basic needs and services to individuals and families in our community.

Beginning in early 2019, WSH and WSFB came together to actively explore ways to better serve our community. Through these conversations we identified service crossover, a strong community focus, and a desire to increase capacity. We are pleased to announce that these discussions have led the Executive Directors and the boards of directors of each agency to the decision to merge our services into one organization.

In February of 2020, the two boards will establish a new, individual board for the merged organization. Erin Dury Moore, WSH Executive Director, will officially transfer all duties to Fran Yeatts, WSFB Executive Director. Over the course of the rest of the fiscal year we will work to ensure a smooth transition to a single organization.

Being a single unified agency will allow us to better serve the community in many ways, including:

  • Combining our missions of providing food, financial assistance in the form of rent and utility payments, free clothing, and referral resources to our neighbors in need.
  • Streamlining neighbors’ access to significant programs and services under one roof.
  • Bringing two strong organizations together to become stronger in offering our community a more robust array of services to assist our neighbors.
  • Promoting donor support through our provision of services and programs that are critical to the health, growth and vitality of our community.
  • Strengthening our fight to stop homelessness in our community before it starts.

This merger will increase access to our services and deepen our commitment of neighbors helping neighbors. We are so grateful for your partnership and continued involvement in our expanded mission.

Thank you!