WSH Board Spotlight

Meet our board member, Cinda!


We are so excited to have Cinda Stenger join the West Seattle Helpline's board of directors as our newest board member! Cinda joined the board since June 2017.

What is your background before joining the WS Helpline board?

I grew up locally, in Tacoma, went far away for college, and always believed I would have a big corporate career. I have been with Nordstrom for 19 years. In my mid-thirties, a very intense longing grew inside of me, calling me to do more for others and to give back to my community, perhaps to balance the crazy everyday corporate demands of sales, profits and office politics. I found a progressive faith community with a strong social justice history, Alki United Church of Christ, where I have been able to devote my energies to issues of poverty, homelessness, racism, human trafficking, etc, deepening my faith in the service of others. This is my calling, this is who I am.

Why did you join the WS Helpline board?

When Alki UCC developed their "Music With A Heart" concert series, a live music program that brings professional musicians to West Seattle, we wanted to partner with a non-profit to give a portion of the proceeds to. At that time, the Westside Interfaith Network hosted the new Executive Director of the West Seattle Helpline, Chris Langeler, and the connection was made. A terrific local organization that helps our neighbors when they need a leg up, to keep them in their homes, to stop homelessness- what could be better? 

 When the world feels like it’s gone mad: hurricanes, fires, mass shootings, chaos in Washington DC and abroad, we feel lost and out of control. My remedy is to act local. By joining the West Seattle Helpline board, I choose to participate in creating solutions in my own community, working in incremental ways to bring stability and support to those that need it most. I can’t control the craziness out there, but I can control what I choose to do, for others.

Why do you like the WS Helpline?

I bring my love of “the customer experience” (nod to Nordstrom), deep connections to community, desire to better serve our clients, and an intense drive to help more clients with expanded programming. I am excited to bring these strengths and energies to the Helpline board, to serve the West Seattle and White Center communities in the years to come.

Even though Cinda recently joined the board, she has already been making an impact at the West Seattle Helpline. She volunteers at our outreach events, and continuing to help out at Alki UCC's "Music with a Heart", who host these concert series for the benefit of the Helpline. Her passion for social justice and equality for everyone makes her a wonderful addition to the board. We are so grateful to have her join our board of directors!

Want to be an amazing board member like Cinda? Check out our website for more information on how you can join as a board member, and to get involved at the West Seattle Helpline!

We are so honored to have Cinda as one of our incredible speakers at our 8th annual Neighbors Helping Neighbors Dinner & Auction this year! Come meet Cinda at our annual event, Friday November 3rd from 6-9 pm at the Hall at Fauntleroy.