WSH Volunteer Spotlight

Meet our volunteer, Sarah!


When did you join as a WSH volunteer? I joined on moving day. At work, I have previously referred our clients to the West Seattle Helpline for assistance for years, and when I saw that the call out for moving day volunteers, I thought here was my chance to give back to the West Seattle Helpline. 6 rainy hours later of packing boxes, moving furniture, and unpacking boxes I was hooked and signed up as a WSH volunteer!

Are you a hotline and/or clothesline volunteer? Both! I work Saturday shifts at the Clothesline, and I take some vacation days each month to volunteer on the hotline.

Why did you want to volunteer at the West Seattle Helpline? I am passionate about volunteering and the West Seattle Helpline. It is an opportunity to channel that passion right here in the neighborhood in which I live in. It also allows me the opportunity to apply my professional experience with case management and knowledge of community referrals when answering the hotline calls.

Why do you like the West Seattle Helpline? The West Seattle Helpline is right here in my own neighborhood and it helps both my neighbors in a temporary financial crisis from potentially becoming homeless, but also residents regardless of their zip code (or even if they have a zip code) with such basic human needs as clothing. It is rewarding not only to be able to assist families with helping keeping a roof over their head, the lights and water on in their home, transportation to work, school, and the doctor, and clothing on their backs, but also to share knowledge of other community agencies that can assist with additional needs.

We are so grateful to have Sarah join our volunteer team here at the West Seattle Helpline. Her passion for helping our neighbors in need, as well as applying her professional experience with case management and referrals have demonstrated how much dedication and compassion Sarah has to the West Seattle community. We cannot thank her enough for all of the hard work and time she has put into our program services here at the Helpline!

Want to be an outstanding volunteer like Sarah? Fill out an online application on our website, and join our volunteer team!