WSH Staff Spotlight

We say farewell and thanks to our intern, Kaitlin Dunn

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A couple of weeks ago, we said farewell to our intern, Kaitlin Dunn. Kaitlin spent the last summer with us as our first Program Services intern. She provided direct services to our clients and worked closely with our volunteers. She also scheduled client appointments, analyzed and enhanced our emergency assistance programs, and conducted client feedback surveys.

Why did you become an intern at the WS Helpline?

I became an intern because I really connected with the mission "neighbors helping neighbors". I love that it is an organization in the community and for the community. I am also very passionate about social justice and equity and I wanted to use the skills I've developed in graduate school and my professional experiences to provide direct service to low-income residents and assist in developing tools to evaluate and enhance programs.

Why do you like the WS Helpline?

Oh goodness, where do I start? There are so many things I like about WSH. First, the people. My coworkers and the volunteers are some of the most intelligent and passionate people I have ever met. They inspired me every day and they encouraged me to think critically and reflect. I also love that WSH is a community-based organization. It is so wonderful to see the West Seattle community come together to support our programs. The community feel is second to none. I am so thankful that WSH gave me the opportunity to provide service to our clients and I enjoyed coming to work every day knowing my work truly made a difference. I have learned so much from my internship and have grown a lot throughout.

What are your plans after this internship?

I am heading back to school for my second year of graduate school at the Evans School. During school, I will be working as an Analyst Intern at the Government Accountability Office here in Seattle. I will graduate with my MPA next June, and who knows after that!

Kaitlin has been an extraordinary intern, who shared her interest in human services, community development, and advocacy with us at the Helpline. Her passion for social justice and equity for our neighbors in the West Seattle community has made Kaitlin a wonderful addition to our team. We will miss her positive attitude, great sense of humor, and compassion. We thank her for all of her hard work and dedication at what we do at the Helpline. We wish her the best of luck finishing her last year in grad school and starting her new internship with GAO!

Kaitlin Wsh